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Transport of Boats

Vehicles for boat transportation can be parked along the public road near the Beatrix boat house in spaces reserved for this purpose. Advance notice of bringing boat transportation vehicles will be appreciated.

Please contact: winterrace@ervbeatrix.nl

Beatrix also offers the possibility to park boat transportation vehicles in the club vicinity the day before the competition. If you wish to do so, please contact winterrace@ervbeatrix.nl

Please also consider the fact that the vehicles being parked at the public road are easily accessible to others than rowers. Therefore, loose parts can be placed in the boat house . During the night the boat house and it precincts will be saveguarded.



Rowing Club ERV Beatrix is situated in the industrial zone “De Kade’’. Near the club/boat house you will find sufficient space to park.



Bicycles can be put in front of the boat house. There is also a bicycle shed adjacent to the boat house.
No  parking of bicycles inside the club house.