Gegevens vergeten?


Welcome to the site of the Beatrix Winter Race, which will be organized by the Eindhoven Rowing Club Beatrix ( ERV Beatrix) at November 26th 2023.

The Beatrix Winter Race will take place on the Eindhovens Kanaal, a canal sheltered from wind by trees and shrubs. This canal, dug between 1843 and 1846, was used for transport between Eindhoven and Helmond, connecting to other waterways as well.

In 1974, the canal was closed to shipping traffic, and now it is a quiet area, ideally suited for all kinds of recreation, rowing being one of them. The Eindhovens Kanaal is both the home of the Eindhoven Rowing Club Beatrix and the Eindhoven Students Rowing Club Theta (ESR Theta).